Weiss Distilling Co is bringing the WOW factor to the Metro Detroit spirits scene.

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34 E 14 Mile Rd. Clawson,
Michigan 48017
United States of America


(929) 4THE-WDC
(929) 484-3932

founding date:

Bulding opened in 2020





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[email protected]

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Our Story

The Weiss story began in the mountains of Slovakia, where our family once made spirits from stills they built themselves.

Old World hospitality remains at the heart of our culture at Weiss Distilling Co.

Those ancient traditions, a proud immigrant work ethic, and our commitment to doing business with the utmost integrity inform everything we do today.

Plan your visit and let us spirit you away to another world.

Do you believe in magic?

At Weiss Distilling Co., we don’t just believe in it, we practice it every day.

It’s in the alchemy of applying time, care, and attention to the finest raw ingredients available, transforming them in the process into a full line of magical spirits of legendary quality.

There’s also something spellbinding about reproducing the smallest details with exacting precision, adding up artisanal elements to a luxurious whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

And then there’s the undeniable form of magical energy that’s charged by gathering a group of great people all in on the same secret.

Make no mistake: What we do at Weiss Distilling Co. is no illusion — there’s just always a little more than meets the eye.


A temple to craft and conviviality, the Weiss Distilling Co. property will mystify your senses and upend your preconceptions about what a small-town spirits company can be. Every detail here has been designed to invoke a sense of uncharted wonder.

Hiding in plain sight behind a brick facade in Clawson’s historic downtown, our state-of-the-art facility includes a scientific grain-to-glass distillery, an otherworldly speakeasy, a bespoke ice factory, a live theater and flexible event space, and a small retail shop — not to mention one of the best bathroom selfie spots in Michigan.

Prepare to be transported to another world as you enter what looks like just another building in a quaint suburban town. Entering from 14 Mile, you’ll first be flanked by our stylish liquor cabinet-inspired retail space, where you can purchase bottles and accessories for your home bar as well as Weiss Distilling Co. apparel. Our intricately designed, hand-labeled bottles also make great gifts for the imbibers in your life.

Across the foyer is our small ice factory, where every day we turn reverse osmosis-purified water into 100 pounds of crystal-clear ice using a unique device that freezes water from the bottom up for perfect clarity. After each 25-pound block of ice is pulled, we hand-cut it into individual serving sizes for the craft cocktails served in our bar. Every element of the Weiss experience is controlled and executed by our team of professionals at the highest level, so you can always trust the purity in your glass.

Step through the central elevator and be transported to the warm glowing heart of our facility — a hidden, 40-seat speakeasy where our conjurers of good taste will lavish you with cocktails composed almost entirely of products made on-site, from the house-made syrups, bitters, ice, and sodas to the spirits themselves. Don’t forget your phone when you head to the bathroom, which itself has become a destination for supernaturally lit selfies for your social feed. (Reservations are recommended for speakeasy, especially during peak hours.)

Behind the speakeasy’s luminous back bar is where much of the real magic begins — in our 4,000-square-foot microdistillery. Unlike many of our contemporaries who use old-school copper stills, we employ the exacting precision of an iStill, utilizing the power of modern technology to dial in the heads, hearts, and tails on our spirits with unprecedented control. Our full line of spirits is entirely additive-free, and our bottles are each hand-filled and hand-labeled with care. Ask your bartender or call to arrange a distillery tour.

Our central elevator is fully functioning and can also take you upstairs, where you’ll find a theater with an elevated stage and seating for 28. This space is home to a rotating calendar of events, including magic and burlesque shows, live music, and other attractions. The space includes its own small kitchen for pop-up dinners and a dedicated service bar. For private events and bookings, please send an email to [email protected].


Our full line of spirits is additive-free and made from the finest ingredients available, so you can enjoy a drink or two without worrying about paying it back tomorrow.


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