Weiss Distilling Co is bringing the WOW factor to the Metro Detroit spirits scene.

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brand mission

Weiss Distilling Co is bringing the WOW factor to the Metro Detroit spirits scene.

Using an innovative, scientific grain-to-glass distilling process, we are creating original spirits of outstanding quality.

Our aim is to entice visitors into our distillery setting where they’ll be able to learn about how we make our spirits, enjoy their innovative flavors and step into a world of mystery and intrigue.

Weiss is about more than just the products. We will conjure up a magical experience for our customers wherever they come into contact with our brand.

our brand pillars

What’s the Weiss brand really about?

What’s the Weiss brand really about? Well, there are lots of ideas and emotions driving it, but we’ve distilled them down into three key thoughts – our big idea, brand purpose and brand vision.


We want our customers to say, ‘WOW!’

This is the thought that guides everything we dopurpose and brand vision.


To create original flavors and a magical experience


100 years from now, Weiss will still be here making rare liquors of exceptional quality

What success means to us

our brand values

No other liquor company thinks and acts like we do.

We’ve built our company around a certain set of core values, which are what gives our brand its unique and distinctive character.


An independent spirit runs right through Weiss Distilling Company. We use a cutting-edge grain-to-glass distilling technique, continually invent new flavors and act on our ideas so that customers always have a reason to come back for more.


We’re not a company that flaunts it, but we do aim to create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere. Weiss is generous at heart, a place where smiles and laughter accompany the clink of glasses and everything looks and feels rich and decadent.


The opulence we exude is backed up by the sheer quality of our products and the quality of the service our customers receive. We aim for excellence in everything we do, and when we achieve it our customers will say, ‘WOW!’


There’s an enchanting and mysterious side to Weiss that can’t be ignored. Not everything is as it seems and, from hidden messages on our labels through to our magical distillery tour, with Weiss there is always more to discover.