Weiss Distilling Co is bringing the WOW factor to the Metro Detroit spirits scene.

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Do you believe
in magic?

At Weiss Distilling Co., we don’t just believe in it,
we practice it every day.

It’s in the alchemy of applying time, care, and attention to the finest raw ingredients available, transforming them in the process into a full line of magical spirits of legendary quality.

There’s also something spellbinding about reproducing the smallest details with exacting precision, adding up artisanal elements to a luxurious whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

And then there’s the undeniable form of magical energy that’s charged by gathering a group of great people all in on the same secret.

Make no mistake: What we do at Weiss Distilling Co. is no illusion — there’s just always a little more than meets the eye.

Our story

The Weiss story began in the mountains of Slovakia, where our family once made spirits from stills they built themselves.

Old World hospitality remains at the heart of our culture at Weiss Distilling Co.

Those ancient traditions, a proud immigrant work ethic, and our commitment to doing business with the utmost integrity inform everything we do today.

Plan your visit and let us spirit you away to another world.