Weiss Distilling Co is bringing the WOW factor to the Metro Detroit spirits scene.

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Vanishing Vodka

true quality  you just can’t see 

Made from organic
white wheat
Purified with charcoal.
81 proof.

Vanishing Vodka

Made from 100% organic white wheat and purified with charcoal, our 81-proof vodka drinks like a charm. A little natural sweetness from the wheat up front finishes so clean you almost can’t taste it - exactly as a vodka should drink. This soft sipper is an exceptional cocktail spirit.

And now to address the elephant in the room (and on the bottle): The most famous magician in history, Harry Houdini was born in Budapest as Ehrich Weiss. In 1918, Houdini made a five-ton elephant disappear in front of a live audience at New York’s Hippodrome Theater, at that time the world’s largest stage. Known as the “Vanishing Elephant”, the illusion became one of Houdini’s best-known tricks.

Today, elephants are sadly vanishing from the wild at a rapid pace due to habitat loss and poaching. So while we pay homage to Houdini’s original illusion with the branding of our Vanishing Vodka, we also make an annual donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support the organization’s elephant and wild-animal conservation efforts.